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Breaking: Convicted cop killer going free

New York City, NY – Herman Bell, a convicted cop killer has been released on parole and will soon be able to walk free following a release on good behavior.


In 1971, Bell and a group of two other radical Black Liberation Army members lured two NYPD officers, Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones. The group of murderers laured the two officers to a housing project in Harlem, Manhattan with a fake 911 call and proceeded to open fire on them simply because of their uniforms. Jones was killed instantly in the hail of bullets, while Piagentini was shot 12 times and begged for mercy from the radicals. Bell ultimately executed the wounded officer with his own service revolver.


Since being convicted in the early 1970’s, Bell was able to avoid the death penalty due to New York outlawing the practice at the time, and was convicted before a sentence of life without parole was able to be administered.


The cop killer will be released now in 2018 due to more lax parole guidelines being put in place which force the parole board to look more at the convict’s behavior behind bars, rather than the crime he was convicted for.


Bell has been styling himself as a “political prisoner” since his arrest. He at first claimed that he was framed and maintained his innocents – even gathering a group of followers who all decried the system for arresting a political activist.


Bell has only admitted his guilt in 2012, and has never apologized for his cold-blooded crime.

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