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Hillary Clinton makes Grammy’s lowest rated of all time

New York City, NY – Among continued fallout over Hollywood sex abuse scandals, and the out of touch celebrities attempting to stay relevant in the age of Trump, Hillary Clinton appeared as a key “star” during last night’s Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.


During the segment, the two times failed Presidential candidate read a segment from the highly discredited book “Fire and Fury”. The book, recently published, has largely been a flop with sales down and reviews not helpful for the author. This is mainly because the book has been mostly discredited as a work of fiction without sources to back up the many outlandish claims it makes.


While the out of touch Hollywood elite partied in Manhattan last night, after giving themselves a pat on the back, real Americans didn’t tune in. According to newly released Nielsen Ratings numbers the constant appeal to leftist politics and smug self-righteousness has caused a sharp drop off in views. This year’s Grammy Awards were down 20% in the ratings, which is a major drop-off from 2017. This would mean that the annual awards gala has hit an all time low in the ratings.


Perhaps it’s time that Hollywood realize the American people are sick and tired of being talked down to from on high.

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