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SHOCK STORY: John McCain passed along Hillary’s “Russia” Dossier to FBI

Washington, DC – According to sources within the controversial Washington DC firm Fusion GPS, the company handed off the fake Trump “Russia” Dossier to John McCain in order to ensure that it fell into the hands of the Obama Administration intelligence community.


As we know by now, the false dossier was funded by millions of dollars from both the Democratic Party, and the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was intended to take down the Trump campaign by fabricating disgusting stories about both Trump’s personal life, and allege illegal business dealings with the Putin government in Moscow.


The information from the 35 page Hillary-DNC funded attack was passed along to James Comey and was used as the basis for the creation into the now infamous and largely discredited “Russia probe”.


It is not yet known weather Senator McCain knew that the information contained within the dossier was funded by both Hillary Clinton and the Democrats,  but regardless it was through him that the information fell into the hands of the FBI under the Obama administration.

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