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Cop killer gets LIFE in prison for NYPD slaying

Queens, NY – A recent courtroom ruling has landed a cold blooded cop kill the longest sentence possible in New York, life without parole. A Queens County judge has given Demetrius Blackwell a lot of time to think about what he did.


Blackwell, a 37 year old shot in the head and killed 25 year old NYPD Officer Brian Moore in May of 2015. Blackwell had a history of making threatening and anti-police statements online and decided that he wanted to wage a war against police officers.  


“Mr. Blackwell, you’re nothing but a coward,” Queens County Criminal Court Judge Gregory Lasak seethed. “You’re a cold, calculating killer.


“I’ll make it simple for you: You’re gonna die in prison. You’ll never breathe outside the confines of a New York state prison.”


According to witness testimony, Officer Moore approached Blackwell and asked if he had a gun on him, to which Blackwell replied by saying “Yeah, I got something!” and pulling a gun from his waistband to open fire on Moore who was hit in the head.


Moore, a native of Long Island, New York came from a police family with a record of service as his father was also an NYPD officer. Officer Moore was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in Queens where he died two days later of his injuries.


“It goes without question that the defendant’s actions were a direct attack on our society and the law and soberly reminds us of the unseen dangers that our police officers face each day — and the ultimate sacrifice they may be called upon to make — as they carry out their sworn duty to protect and serve our communities,” Queens DA Richard Brown said in a statement.


Moore’s father, a retired NYPD officer himself salutes his son’s casket as it passes by.

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