Opinion: No, Alabama is not a rebuking of Donald Trump

As expected following the results of the special Senate election out of Alabama last night, the mainstream liberal media clammors and yells that a win for Doug Jones is a total defeat of President Trump. Much like they did following the Virginia general election just over a month ago. Yet in both of these cases they are grasping at straws in an attempt to convince their readers, and themselves that the President is on the verge of total defeat.


The election of Doug Jones has nothing to do with President Trump, or his message. It has everything to do with the allegations leveled against Roy Moore, true or false and repeated, ad nauseam by the liberal press. The people of Alabama were told that Roy Moore was a monster, a child molester, a pedophile. And yet he still managed to come within one and a half points of being the next Senator from Alabama.  In addition to this, while Roy Moore made himself an ally of President Trump, the opposite was far from true.


Trump endorsed, and campaigned for Luther Strange in the Republican primary, a man who for all intensive purposes would have won the election last night. An endorsement of Moore only came within the last few weeks on the campaign, and did not come wholeheartedly. The President did not set foot in Alabama to hold one of his signature rallies for Roy Moore, and he didn’t contribute substantially to his campaign outside of a single robocall.


To claim that the election of Jones, the first Democrat to hold a Senate seat from Alabama in 25 years is a part of some Democratic wave is wholly untrue, and totally ignorant of the reality of the situation. Could there be a Democratic wave coming in 2018, perhaps in traditional Democratic strongholds which Trump was able to win in 2016, such as Michigan, but not in the deep south. The fact of the matter remains that the Democrats sunk $12 million into a Senate race that they won only because of horrible allegations against the Republican candidate.


The problems for the Democrats on a national level remain. The DNC has been unable to tap into a fundraising base since the election. They have been constantly outraised by the RNC which is saving it’s money for the 2018 midterm elections. The DNC has had its worst fundraising year since 2002, and they continue to sink millions into special elections. This is the first that has paid off. In Virginia, the Republican candidate also shunned President Trump, and was trounced by Democrats who turned out in large numbers in historically liberal Northern Virginia.


Roy Moore represented baggage to the GOP, and was cut off from funds for a critical portion of the race. His tacit endorsement from President Trump did not go as far as a single robocall and several Tweets. The people of Alabama did not denounce Donald Trump, they denounced Roy Moore, plain and simple.

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