Thug shot by police in botched motorcycle heist GRAPHIC VIDEO

Sao Paulo, BR – A motorcycle hijacker found out the hard way that he shouldn’t break the law after a nearby police officer gunned him down. The brutal incident was all captured on film by the victim who had a GoPro camera strapped to his bike helmet.  


The graphic video depicts the victim riding along in traffic as two men on another motorcycle pull up alongside him. On of the thieves then brandishes a handgun, the weapon of choice for petty criminals in Brazil. Escarante Leonardo Santos, the thief holds the victim at gunpoint with his .38 caliber revolver as he takes the bike from the man.


At that moment a nearby police officer quickly sprang into action, seeing the thief was armed the officer opened fire as the suspect attempted to flee, hitting Santos in the legs and torso, while his accomplice was able to escape. Santos was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, his condition was unknown.


Thanks to the actions of a quick thinking and brave police officer, another criminal is off the streets in Sao Paulo.


You can watch the FULL VIDEO by clicking here here.


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