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Illegal immigrant man convicted of kidnapping and sexual assault was deported TWENTY times

Portland, OR – An illegal immigrant man from Mexico recently smiled in court as he was sentenced to 35 years in jail for kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women in Oregon recently.


31 year old Sergio Martinez was deported from the United States twenty times before committing his ghastly crime which has destroyed the lives of two innocent American women. He proceeded to smile in court and tell the families of the victims that he will “see them in Hell”.


The first attack occurred early on the morning of July 24, when Martinez entered the Northeast Portland home of a 65-year-old woman through a window she had left open to cool the house.

Wielding a metal rod, Martinez told the woman to get down on the ground, where he bound and blindfolded her, threatened to murder her, and then sexually assaulted her, KGW reported.


Martinez then went to a parking garage where he stalked and attacked a woman with a knife. Getting into her car with her and proceeding to slam her head to the ground while he attempted to flee as bystanders overheard the attack and ran to assist the victim.


Deputy District Attorney Amity Girt, the prosecutor on the case, said: ‘We had some very powerful victim impact statements that said it all.


‘It was really breathtaking to hear the far-reaching consequences of violent crime, the emotional injury.’


A spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Lori Haley, has said that after the 35 year sentence is up Martinez will be handed over to them for immediate deportation at 66 years old.

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