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Massive fire rips through Upstate NY city, many buildings destroyed

Cohoes, NY – Late afternoon on Thursday a massive fire began in the Upstate New York City of Cohoes. The cause of the fire is currently unknown but had spread to and damaged more than 20 buildings in a section of the city, with four buildings being totally destroyed.


A local man who witnessed the fire spread said to local NewsChannel 13:


When I came out here, I’ve just seen one building engulfed in flames. I’ve never seen flames like this before. With the wind, it just made it even worse. I’ve seen it jump from one side of the street to the other side of the street, back to the other side of the street. It just engulfed everything“.


At the moment officials are still fighting to contain hotspots and random flare ups in the affected area as well as begin the process of investigating the cause of the fires.


Cohoes is located just north of the City of Albany, the state capitol. Fire crews and trucks from neighboring cities and villages had to be called in to help contain and knock down the blaze, which is the biggest fire in the region’s recent history.


Experts have said that because of the older buildings in the city the fire was more easily spread, along with gusting winds which carried embers across the area.


A State of Emergency has since been declared for the city in order to help the process of cleaning up.



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