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Trump puts THIS in the white House – liberals furious

Washington, DC – With Christmas less than a month away the Trump white House has continued the age old tradition of decorating for the season. However, this year the President and First Lady have decided to include a nativity scene, complete with Mary, Joseph, and a baby Jesus on full display within the building.


This comes after years of a nativity scene not being present during the Obama Administration. Of course, with the focus being put back on Christ in Christmas the left has decided to criticize the decision, with some going as far as to call the display racist.


Both President trump and First Lady Melania Trump are devout Christians, with Melania being Catholic and growing up in a Communist country where her religion was repressed and had to be kept secret. During his campaign, President Trump promised to put an end to the so-called “War on Christmas” often characterized by an increasing lack of focus on the religious aspects of the holiday and more focus on the materialism and commercialism which has come to be associated with the day.


“We’re going to be saying merry Christmas again, not happy holidays.” President Trump often times said while on the campaign trail against Hillary Clinton. It would seem that, in erecting a nativity scene that the Trumps intend to do just that and refocus the holiday on its religious roots.

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