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Dirty Money: Weinstein donated over $1 MILLION to Democrats

In a turn of events which has continued since the initial allegations of sexual assault surfaced against big-wig liberal Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein it has now been revealed that the alleged sexual assaulter donated over one million dollars to Democrats since 2000.


Among those who received donations from the now disgraced pervy Weinstein are President Obama to the tune of more than $45,000, Hillary Clinton who got more than $40,000 between her campaigns, and her political action committee, and accused offender himself, Senator Al Franken who took in $20,000 of Weinstein money.

dnc keeping weinstein money

Weinstein was known throughout the donor world as a big dollar donor for all sorts of liberal causes, including abortion and gun control. With his downfall comes the loss of even more potential millions that he would have potentially donated to the Democratic Party, and various Democrat candidates and causes. With already weak fundraising, according to Federal Elections Commission filings the Democratic Party cannot afford any more losses.


Many top Democrats and liberal organizations which received Weinstein money have yet to say whether they will return the money or donate it to charity. With more allegations against Weinstein forthcoming pressure continues to mount, with many calling on every dollar which each candidate received to be jettisoned.


In addition to donating over $1 million himself, Weinstein also “bundled” another $1.5 million from his friends and business contacts for Democrats.

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