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University students in NY kneel with Kaepernick

Albany, NY – University at Albany (SUNY) students held an event in support of controversial pro-football kneeler, Colin Kaepernick recently on their state university campus. The event was billed as a solidarity measure to show support for not only Kaepernick, but left-wing social justice as a whole.


Student government leaders organized and sponsored the event, which was promoted through official student government social media platforms. The Student Association at the school is funded by all undergraduate students through a mandatory fee.


In a statement to the school newspaper, the Albany Student Press Student Association President, Julissa Fontaine stated the purpose of the event as being an attempt to create a platform for social justice issues “We are trying to create a platform for student who are very passionate about social movements,”


Many have criticized college campuses recently for being hotbeds of left-wing thought, and from this event it would seem that SUNY Albany is no different, with students kneeling in support of those athletes who kneel during the National Anthem at professional sporting events throughout the country. Even President Trump has stated that he firmly stands against those who disrespect the flag and anthem of the United States.



Photo from the Albany Student Press


While controversy over the issue has died down recently after pressure from fans and dropping ratings forced most to stand again, it would appear that the taxpayers of New York are funding students who kneel

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