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After sexual assault allegations, anti-Trump actor George Takei blames RUSSIA

Actor and famed anti-Trumpist George Takei, who just two days ago was accused of sexual assault by a male model has deflected attention away from his accusations by blaming Russia. In a series now now-deleted Tweets the former Star Trek actor says that he is attacked by Russian bots because of his criticism  of the country’s LGBT policy.

The now-disgraced former actor has consistently been on the attack against Donald Trump ever since the launch of his candidacy for President of the United States. In fact, Takei has even called for the President to be impeached and does not believe that he is a legitimate President.


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The allegations against Takai come at a time when many in Hollywood have been accused of vapid sexual misconduct, starting with now notorious Harvey Weinstein. Takai, usually attempting to take the moral high ground and preach against Christians, Conservatives, and Trump supporters has seen his fortunes reversed by these accusations. In following the rest of the left’s footsteps, Takai lashed out against Russia and Ukraine for supposedly sending “bots” against his accounts.

Takai has not yet commented on the allegations and seems to be hoping that blaming Russia will make them go away.

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