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NYC Trump supporter SUED for REFUSING to do this…

Manhattan, NY – A Manhattan Trump supporter is being sued by his condo board for refusing to remove the American flag that he has been flying out of his window for months now, since last year’s Presidential Election.

57 year old Eddie Desmond, a native of Brooklyn, NY says that his building would love nothing more than to have him take down the stars and stripes which has been flying from a secure flagpole on his windowsill for months. Mr. Desmond claims that he offered to take his flag down, if the the building he lives in placed an American flag in the lobby, but so far his offer has been ignored.

Mr. Desmond is the son of a Korean War veteran and grew up respecting the flag, knowing that his father’s friends fought and died in Korea to protect what the American flag stands for. In addition to being the son of a veteran, Mr. Desmond is also a 9/11 volunteer and worked on rescue and recovery efforts at ground zero following the attack.

The proud Trump supporter believes that the lawsuit against him is politically motivated, saying:

“I’m guessing they’re all liberals,” he said. “I’m in New York City, I’m surrounded by liberals. … I’m a Trump supporter in the middle of Midtown.”

But the patriot says that he won’t let the lawsuit stop him, he believes that he has every right to fly the American flag, and says that he won’t be taking it down anytime soon.

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