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NY Pol introduces “Blue Lives Matter” bill

New York City, NY. – New York State Assemblyman Ronald Castorina has recently introduced a bill into the State Legislature which is aimed at protecting police officers following recent attacks, including last year’s Dallas police massacre.

The bill, supported by local “Blue Lives Matter” organizations aims to make assaulting a police officer a hate crime, much the same as assaulting someone based on their skin color, or sex. Supporters of the bill believe that with recent attacks on police officers it is important to offer them stronger legal protections, considering that the climate of anti-police violence has been increasing.

“People will now think twice before they assault a police officer,” Castorina said at an outdoors press conference when announcing the bill. Some on the left criticize the bill as racist to which Assemblyman Castorina said “We have a very diverse police force in NYC, including men and women of color, so I don’t see how this is a racial issue at all unless you are looking at this through a leftist prism of race, which is completely unnecessary,”.

The bill will come up once again in January 2018 when the New York State Legislature goes back into session.

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