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College Professor: Making white families ‘part of the problem’

New York City, NY – A recent set of tweets from a Sociologist professor at New York City’s Hunter College has caused a firestorm on social media, and has led to calls for the professor to be fired from her position.

Jessie Daniels is a professor, speaker, and author teaching at the City University of New York’s Hunter College. She claims that she is an “expert on race” and has authored several books on the subject. She also authors a blog on the topic of race, often stating that white people are inherently ‘white supremacists’.

Most recently, Dr. Daniels has caused an uproar with a series of tweets in which she claims that simply not being racist is not enough, and that white people who seek to “build white families” are a part of the problem and are only propagating racism.

It is worth noting that as a CUNY professor, Daniels is paid with tax dollars from across New York State. These sorts of stories are very common it seems, as recently another CUNY professor was exposed for saying that he was “glad to be teaching future dead cops”.

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