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Bombshell Report: Clinton, DNC funded Trump-Russia story

Washington, DC. – A bombshell report has come out in the past few hours which implicates both the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the DNC in funding and producing the infamous Trump-Russia implications.

As stated in Fox News:


“The controversial dossier containing salacious allegations about President Donald Trump and his possible connections to Russia, including coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, resulted from funding by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee to the firm Fusion GPS, a source familiar with the situation confirmed to Fox News.”


The firm hired by the Clintons and DNC turned to a man named Christopher Steele, a former member of the British intelligence services to produce and leak the story. The Clintons and DNC proceeded to fund the firm and propagate the story up until the election in November of 2016.

For their part, the firm, Fusion GPS was paid more than $9 million by the Clintons and DNC to produce and propagate the scandalous report which was first published by Buzzfeed.

President Trump has said that the FBI and Justice Department should launch an investigation into the firm and report.

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