Shocking video: Devastation in California as wildfires rage

Santa Rosa, CA. – As we at America Today News first reported on over the weekend, the California wine country wildfires have become even more intense as tens of thousands have been forced to evacuate, and now more than a 20 people have been confirmed to have been killed in the blazes.

The wildfires continue to grow, mostly uncontained across northern California, devastating whole neighborhoods and sending homes up in smoke. Now, shocking raw footage from inside the fires has emerged. Shot by the KTVU news crew in Santa Rosa the footage shows the total destructive power of the fires.

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Smoke and flames can be seen making mid-day look like midnight as the crew captures on tape. Firefighters bravely face the flames without fear in an attempt to save lives and property from further destruction.

The deadly fires have prompted the evacuation of entire towns as Governor Jerry Brown recently described these fires as “the biggest” in the state’s history.

Crews have been working around the clock to clear out shrubs and plants in the direct path of the fire in an attempt to cut it off and prevent it from spreading, taking advantage of the strong winds and dry conditions.

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