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Married High School teacher caught in massive sex scandal

Marked Tree, AR. – A married high school teacher from the town of Marked Tree, Arkansas has recently been arrested and charged for her involvement in a sexual relationship with four students. The charges allege that 25 year old art teacher, Lorene Goline engaged in a sexual relationship with four students, three of whom were 18 at the time, between January and April of the previous academic year.

Students allege that Goline would take them to her home, about 25 minutes from the school to engage in sexual conduct with them. This includes an incident in which Goline had sex with two students in the same day. The youngest student is said to be 17, and it is not clear if Goline engaged in a sexual relationship with him, but court papers claim he was traumatized by the text messages she sent to him.


Prosecutors have charged Goline with a single count of first-degree sexual assault. The charges carried a maximum penalty of 40 years to life in prison, according to KAIT-TV.

The reason for the single count is that Goline is only alleged to have traumatized one male teen student under age 18 with sex.

Once she was booked, Goline was released from jail on $5,000 bail.

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  1. I was never this lucky in High school

  2. Where was she when I was in school!!!

  3. Why do I get jealous everytime i read these? I wish I had a sexy teacher take me home. Damn it!

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