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Fordham University President had THIS to say about Trump supporters

Bronx, NY. – The Catholic, Jesuit university of Fordham, located in the Bronx, NY was once home to a thriving religious community, and a place where the free and open exchange of ideas was tolerated and encouraged. However, like many great places of learning Fordham University has fallen into the wave of “social justice” and so-called progressive politics.

When the campus’ chapter of the New York Federation of College Republicans recently invited former Trump aide Roger Stone campus the university President, Dr. Joseph McShane had some choice words for the self described Nixon Republican.

The Jesuit President was quick to denounce the ideas and political ideology of Mr. Stone, and say that while the university was allowing him to come speak at the campus, the school did not endorse him or authorize his appearance. In fact, a mass email sent out to all student on the day of the event read:

“This comes not from a conservative nor a liberal point of view, but from the standpoint of human decency…Much of what Mr. Stone has offered is in contrast to the Jesuit notion of men and women for others.” as well as “Many of those opinions…are demeaning to numerous individuals and groups, and do not raise to the level of discourse we expect at Fordham, nor, must it be said in a civilized society.”

It is clear from the wording of this email that the campus climate was hostile to Mr. Stone, who has been a lifelong advocate of civil right, and equal justice under the law.

Throughout the event protesters were drowned out by the large crowd of both Trump supporters, and free speech advocates.  

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