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Harvard nixes Columbus Day, adopts “Indigenous People’s Day”

Cambridge, MA – Harvard University has become the latest higher education institution in America to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. The move comes following the Cambridge City Council vote last year to adopt the same, and following pressure from left-wing student groups on campus.

It’s supporters say that the renaming is honoring the Native Americans who were killed, or displaced upon the arrival of Europeans.

However, detractors claim that removing the tribute to Columbus is an attack on western values, and on Italian Americans. Critics say that to wipe away tribute to the man who triggered the great colonization of North and South America is to say that the overall European colonization of America was indeed a bad thing.

Harvard joins a host of other universities and colleges across the country which have already taken up the mantle of Indigenous People’s Day including Columbia, Vanderbilt, and Brandeis Universities.

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