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Obamacare premiums SKYROCKET; up 71% in Florida, “system collapsing” experts warn

Tallahassee, FL. – Healthcare and insurance providers across the State of Florida today have announced they may seek to hike premiums for their plans through the State Health Exchange up to71% in some cases, with an average price hike of 45%. As Obamacare continues to collapse across the country it comes as no surprise to many in the healthcare industry that these astronomical increases are coming about.

Since the inception of the health exchanges several years ago nearly every part of the country has seen massive increases in premiums, and some exchanges have collapsed to the point where only one option for many residents remains. States have been coping by attempting to have the law repealed, or allowing their exchanges to collapse in order to spurn more market based solutions.

Since coming to office the Trump administration has been working constantly on a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare with something which would benefit more Americans. However, progress has been stalled in Washington, DC as Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and a group of several other moderate Republicans have been warring with the Trump White House over the merits of a replacement bill.

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  1. Bet McCain and those others would heartily be first in line to repeal/replace if THEY had to pay those Obamacare premiums. VOTE THEM OUT NOVEMBER 2018!!!

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