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Liberals MUST Step out of their Echo Chambers

las vegas victims

America has become a hyper politicized society. Too often today social media warriors, politicians, and pundits are quick to jump on top of a national tragedy to be used to score quick political points. As we saw following Sunday night’s horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, which has been deemed the deadliest in American history politicos from across the country were quick to point fingers and heat up arguments, before even any of the facts were known. The massacre was quickly blamed on Muslims, Hispanics, AntiFa, the NRA, and a whole host of various people, and organizations from across the political spectrum.


In an increasingly polarized country, with the growth of online echo chambers it is easy to be roped into blaming the “other side”, while not taking into account any of the facts, as quickly as is possible. We saw this following the events in Las Vegas. While first responders were still treating survivors, while the dead still lay in the streets, and while virtually nothing is known of the shooter’s motives or methods the echo chambers heated up. Even Hillary Clinton, the former champion of building “bridges, not walls” quickly jumped on the tragedy to push an anti-NRA narrative.


The fact is, we still don’t know why this happened, or who all of the victims were. It seems important in times like this what we, as a nation take a step back from politics for a brief moment to mourn the dead and to allow the police to do their jobs in figuring out why something this horrific would occur. In times of national mourning we should remember the selfless acts of heroism perpetuated by both first responders, and regular concert goers who joined together to treat the wounded, and put themselves in harm’s way to make sure others weren’t. Tomorrow you can write your Congressman, march in the streets, or point fingers on social media. But today we should remember the dead, unite to condemn this sort of violence, and step out of the echo chamber, if only for a moment.

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